About us

M.M.S. MEDGAS & MORE SERVICES Ltd is a consultancy firm established in accordance with the laws of Cyprus (Registration Nο HE 352843). The firm specializes in the provision of services related to Mediterranean/global natural gas, renewable gases such as biomethane, hydrogen etc. and other energy commodities and projects. Its expertise is based on the deep knowledge and key capabilities to analyze and/or decode markets’ fundamental, dynamics and trends as well as on the ability to share with clients the long-standing experience of senior industry roles.

Our Vision and Values 

Our vision

To be the consultant of choice for selected gas, and r energy and energy transition related services , a reliable and valuable partner for clients in Cyprus, Greece, SE European and other Mediterranean countries.

Our mission

We stand for providing focused and high-quality consultancy services, through professional excellence that create value, contribute to our customers’ competitive advantage, and assist them to achieve their business goals and objectives sustainably.  

Our professional believes and service-related values

  • We always paid the highest possible attention to understand, analyze and work closely with customers towards finding and recommending the most effective ways to cover their needs

  • We systematically and passion-fully work to deliver our promises to customers

  • Customer satisfaction is always our first priority, being an integral part of our results-oriented culture.

  • We respect in practice the clients by providing high quality, efficient and professional consultancy services and solutions that create tangible value

  • We religiously and constantly take care to protect our customers’ interests from any disclosure to the public or to third parties of their sensitive (business and/or commercial) information